Price: $369.00
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Enhance your video production with the GVM 200W LED Video Light with Lantern Softbox. This innovative light source not only provides 200W of powerful LED lighting, but also comes with a unique lantern softbox that creates soft, diffused lighting perfect for achieving professional-looking shots.

The SD200B Contin… feature allows you to easily adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light to suit any shooting scenario. Whether you’re shooting interviews, commercials, or documentaries, this LED video light will help you achieve the perfect lighting setup every time.

Compact and lightweight, the GVM 200W LED Video Light is ideal for on-the-go videographers who need a versatile and reliable lighting solution. With its durable construction and intuitive controls, this light is a must-have for any filmmaker or content creator looking to take their videos to the next level. Upgrade your lighting setup today with the GVM 200W LED Video Light with Lantern Softbox.

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